How does the rental process work?

  1. Book online or fill out the rental form letting us know any specific requirements and to check availability.
  2. You collect your raft (or we can post them off to you)
  3. You go have an amazing time 
  4. You clean and dry the gear before dropping (or posting) it back to us
  5. You give us a 5 star review because you're a bloody good bugger
  6. You enquire about your next rental

Can you help me buy a packraft

Defo. We have no affiliation with a particular packraft brand or manufacturer so we can give you impartial advise on a full range of boats and put you in touch with the right people. We can even process the whole order for you to make the whole thing easier. 

Do you deliver? If so what does that cost?

Too right we can!! Postal for a packraft is usually around the $40 mark anywhere in NZ. Paddles can be really expensive to send because of their awkward shape, if you can source them locally, you'll probably save yourself a packet.

What happens if the boat gets damaged?

We do our best to repair the boat and just charge for the price of repairs... if the boat or beyond repair or it's gets stolen, or lost, or destroyed in the campfire then sorry fella you'll have to pay for a replacement.

Are there people I should talk to about my trip?

For sure. Packrafts and jetboats often occupy the same space, if there's a commercial jet boat company on the river you plan to hit, give them a heads up that you'll be there. It'll save you get run over.