Once you've tried this little boats, you'll fall in love. You'll wanna go further, maybe take on more challenging trips or whitewater. We can help you with that. Take the next step with us....

We run courses from our base in Queenstown that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. If you want to focus on the technical whitewater aspects, no problemo, we'll focus on that. If you're keen to start at the beginning and learn the principles and good practice so you've got confidence to go off on your own trip, sweet, we've got your covered. If you a mad keen adventure racer and want to learn the optimum way to rig your boat, how to speed up your transitions or gain efficiency for your team, we're all over that too. 

We run practical, river based courses that have a little something for everyone. Our aim is to have everyone leave our courses more confident and prepared to go get amongst it wherever your packraft may take you next!

We also offer discounted rentals to anyone who has taken part in one of our courses. What are you waiting for?!