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We are not allied to any particular brand. We have the widest choice of boats in NZ. We have a few boats to "try before you buy" so you I can see the different characteristics. Because we have a number of manufacturers, we can give you impartial advice based on what packraft suits you best rather than which packraft manufacture we are obligated to promote.


If you're keen to get out on your own missions, but want to learn more about safely using our packrafts, then check out our courses or guided trips. We'll even offer a discount on rentals for anyone who has been out on a trip with us.


Alpacka Packraft 

The original and for many the yard stick by which all other boasts are measured. Versatile, light, tough and high performance. Suitable for novices or people looking for more adventurous packrafting expeditions. The Classic. These are the boats we stock the most of and also our choice for all of our guided trips and courses

$80 per day


Kokopeli Nirvana

Whilst many manufacturers have used the Alpacka Rafts as template, Kokopelli have made their own innovations and designs. We stock the whitewater Nirvana with a spray deck, kayak style outfitting and thigh straps. Incredible performance on whitewater and comes with a TiZip to allow you to store your gear internally. Also features extra safety features such as dual chambers and one way valves to allow for better inflation. Great for challenging water and Multiday trips.

$80 per day


Tandem- Alpacka Gnu

This is really the weapon on choice for adventure races. The longer hull makes for faster speed on the water plus heaps of internal storage to allow you to pack everything you'll need for you big hairy, gnarly epic adventure.... or a cruisy trip with the family!

$100 per day



These are our largest single person boats in the fleet. They come with cargo fly storage zips to stow all your gear internally and a cruiser deck to minimise the splash and to keep you warmer. Whilst it's not as fancy as Kokopelli or Alpacka it's great for longer river based expedition based trips. Being a touch bigger and tougher material means they are slightly heavier but all in all great boats.

$80 per day