The basics

Here's a bit of "packrafting 101" from our friends at Alpacka Rafts. 


NExt Step

Maybe this bit talks about a bit of safety stuff or the basics of paddle and keeping safe (intentions, scouting, never alone) Then talk about returns and packing away and storage.

Paddle Strokes

Here's a great video about the various strokes you'll need to master packrafting

River Navigation

Some of the concepts and features to understand when looking to tackle more challenging 

Some good advice....

Packrafts are a beginner friendly way to start to paddle. They are stable and have a less aggressive learning curve than hardshell kayaks. However, it is important that you learn the basics, practice within your abilities and hav a healthy respect the river environment.

We couldn't recommend strongly enough getting some basic training before undertaking committing adventures or challenging rivers. We'll even offer a discount to you if you have undertaken one of our courses. Our courses teach you fundamentals that may save you or your friends life. Beyond that though, they are fun, provide an opportunity to meet adventure partners, boost confidence and will take your enjoyment to the next level. 

Here's some of the guidelines that we strongly recommend you follow:

  • Avoid paddling alone.
  • Always wear an appropriate buoyancy aid.
  • Know before you go: Water levels (and trend) weather forecast, read trip reports or seek local knowledge.
  • Dress for the water.
  • Carry appropriate rescue and emergency gear. Practice using it.
  • Carry repair kit. In the wild, small things can escalate, a damaged boat can turn into a really big deal.
  • Never run anything blind. Scout anything you can't see either from your boat or better yet, from the banks.
  • Think about communication, both within your team and with the outside world. Sat Phones, PLB's, river signals etc.
  • Make a plan, tell someone who will worry, stick to your plan. It's important to have a plan b too, share this with someone who can raise the alarm if you are late returning.