Rental conditions

  • Respect our rafts and equipment. They are very durable but not indestructible Treat them like a fragile and expensive bit of kit that you will rely on to keep you safe in the wilderness.
  • All Equipment must be returned clean, dry and packed as they were when you received them.
  • Paddle within your abilities in suitable locations and weather conditions.
  • Take every safety precaution including but not limited to wearing correctly fitting PFD suitable to the water you are paddling (especially on whitewater), helmets and clothing.
  • Return all gear on time. We get it, sometimes things happen and it takes longer to get out of the bush than expected, but please let us know at the earliest opportunity. We can discuss extending your rental term.
  • Seriously, wear a suitable PFD.
  • Contact any commercial river users (such as jet boat companies) before departing on your trip to inform them of your plans.
  • You wreck it, you bought it. You are solely responsible for the rental gear during the rental period. If it stolen, lost or damaged in anyway, you will be charged with the cost of repair or replacement. 
  • Packrafting Queenstown is not responsible for the failure of rental gear (unlikely as it may be) during the rental period and you hereby absolve Packrafting Queenstown from any claim of consequential loss or damage resulting from such failure. Please check and familiarize yourself the gear before you depart.
  • By renting gear through Packrafting Queenstown you acknowledge that there are inherent and unavoidable risks and hazards involved associated with packrafting on water (moving or flat). This may result in death or serious injury to yourself or others. Paddle within your abilities, take every safety precaution and never paddle alone.
  • If you intend you paddle whitewater, it is recommended that you undertake a packrafting course with Packrafting Queenstown to better understand the risks and hazards involved.
  • All rental equipment remains the property of Packrafting Queenstown.
  • Make a plan, tell someone about it and stick to it.
  • No responsibility will be taken by Packrafting Queenstown for the breakdown of marriages, loss of jobs or income due to packrafting addiction.


  • We may charge up to $300 deposit per raft per hire (fully refunded at the end of each rental period when our equipment is returned clean, dry, damage free and on time)
  • Your credit card details will be kept on file for the duration of the rental period.


Plans change, life gets in the way and sometimes you have to pull out of epic adventures. We get is. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • One month out or earlier: 90% refund. The other 10% covers our time and a beer. Or we will allow you to reschedule your booking subject to availability.
  • Two weeks out: 50% or we will allow you to reschedule your booking subject to availability.
  • Less than two weeks out: No refunds. Soz. But we will allow you to reschedule your booking subject to availability.

Additional charges

  • Cleaning/drying fee $50 per boat
  • Late returns will be charged at $70 per boast per day
  • Repairs will be charged on a case by case basis
  • Loss or beyond repair damage will be charged at:
  1. $2000 per boat,
  2. $400 per paddle,
  3. $110 per buoyancy aid,
  4. $55 per helmet.
  5. $200 per wetsuit.

All prices are exclusive of shipping, GST and import tax.